Ladies Only

Agnes Cunningham
Four Times
Ladies Champion

During the history of Aberlady BC many talented Ladies have come to the fore. Cathy Walkingshaw, Linda Black, Agnes Cunningham & Ina Greenwood all found success at the club. Many others have discovered the joy of winning either as part of a team or in individual competitions. These include, Joy McLeod, Nancy Mumford & Jackie Fraser who are more recent winners.

Joy McLeod
Multi Championship

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Ladies Championship 2012
R/U Laura & Winner Jackie

More Winners

Bill Dunleavey
Gents Champion 2012
Gordon White
Bay Trophy Winner 2005
G. McLeod & N. Mumford
Sinclair Trophy 2010

Aberlady Bowling Club - Various Images

As will be evident from all pages of this website Aberlady Bowling Club has been successful in a wide variety of competitions. This page highlights just a few of these team achievements. But also gives an insight into individual successes at club level as well as an indication that bowling is a game to be enjoyed by all ages.

Brown Trophy Winners 1962
TopTen Winners 1987
East West Courier Cup 1990

In 1990, under the old two league ( East League & West League ) setup both of Aberlady's league teams qualified for the Courier Cup, only to be drawn to play each other. The Western team won that game. The players of both teams are show, left.

The images on this page and most of them throughout the website show just how successful an individual bowler or team can be irrespective of where they are from or who they are, although bowling is much more than just winning trophies. It is a social pastime which brings people of all backgrounds together to take part in something which they all enjoy.

Halkett Cup Centenary Game
( v Dirleton ) 1995

The fun side of the game was very much in evidence when Aberlady BC played a game against Dirleton BC to celebrate the centenary of the Halkett Cup fixture between the clubs ( photo, on right ) as someone came up with the idea of every player using old wooden bowls instead of their own modern ones. Much hilarity ensued with the players not being used to the bowls they were using.

Ladies Dressed For The
Ladies verses Gents 'fun game'

As is very evident from the people highlighted in the photographs on this page Lawn Bowls is something that can be enjoyed by everyone, irrespective of age or background, so why don't you go along to your local club and give it a try.