Different Types Of Games

Singles - This is a game where one person plays against another. Usually both players use four bowls but there can be 2,3 or 4 bowl singles. Normally the winner is the first person to score twenty one shots.

Pairs - This is two players against two. Each player has four bowls but unlike singles, the game is played over a predetermined number of ends.

Triples - ( three players in each team ). Each player has three bowls and like pairs the game is played over a predetermined number of ends.

Fours - ( Four players in each team ). Each player has two bowls and like pairs and triples the game is played over a predetermined number of ends. Games in the Gents league in East Lothian are played over seventeen ends.

In club competitions the number of bowls used and/or ends played, etc. can be different to those above.

Hat Games

'Hat Games' are often the newcomer's first introduction to bowling. These are fun games where anyone who wants to play just turns up on the required night and their name is 'put in the hat'. All the names are then drawn out to form teams which could be pairs, triples, etc. depending on the number of people playing. This is a great way for new members to get to know everyone. Like a normal game of bowls each player remains on the same rink throughout the game.

Bowls Drive

Another form of 'hat game' which is very popular is the progressive version - sometimes known as a 'bowls drive'. This is an even better way of meeting other members as the winners of every second end move onto the next rink. So every second end the players are playing against different opponents.

Aberlady Bowling Club - About This Website

'Freddie' Burnett presenting J. King
with a scroll in celebration
of his Honorary Membership
for services to the club

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Part Of Aberlady's History

Therefore You will not find any information on fixtures or events which are being held by the club. Or any information on fees, playing costs ( for non-members ) or availability of shoes, equipment, etc. for anyone wanting to try the game. For this and any other information about current events at Aberlady Bowling Club you should visit their website.

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We hope you enjoy this short trip through the history of Aberlady Bowling Club. We have also included many items of information about the game of Lawn Bowls, including some of the terminology used although you shouldn't let this put you off trying the game as it is very easy, and cheap, to play.